Why Data Warehouse?

It is a fact that Big Data solutions are the masters in gathering a huge lump of data, yet Data Warehousing plays a crucial role in enterprises. Data warehousing allows a company or organization to create an amalgamated view of its business data, enhanced for analysis and reporting

Despite budget constraints, keeping your data warehouse applications geared to the current needs of the firm is critical. Companies have to grow across nations, to withstand the current competition. The main challenges that they face in expanding their organization are a collection of all their data in one place.

For every successful Business Intelligence implementation, one has to have a robust data warehouse design and architecture as the foundation. To have a big data warehouse, they must have all their company’s data in a single data repository.

Along with our experienced staff in data warehousing, SourceOn can help you get most out of your investment. Our services focus on producing a single central Data Warehouse, which provides a unique solution for all your data challenges. We evaluate the current state of your organization's data mart architecture and pick the appropriate tools to be implemented to ensure timely and accurate information.

How are we different

  • We build scalable solutions that can be enhanced as your business grows
  • We help you make better-informed decisions by providing highly accurate data
  • Store data from dissimilar sources in one single place and the correct format
Save Time

At SourceOn, we follow two types of approaches

1. Top down approach
2. Bottom up approach

We build Data marts for specific type of users, after building the complete Data Warehouse.

We first build various data marts for specific groups and then combine it to form a single, central data storage.