Why Business Intelligencee?

Business decisions are only as good as the information they’re based on. SourceOn Apps insights enable better decision making at every level and maximized monetization of your data.

SourceOn Apps BI expertise covers strategic planning and implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) programs including the development of data warehouses, BI portals, dashboards, ad-hoc reporting and mobile solutions. SourceOn Apps also develops market leading BI products for Information Builders’ WebFOCUS platform.

Get the right information to anyone who needs it. Integrate and discover data on your own. Create and share interactive reports. Spark your curiosity with easy-to-use analytics. And monitor key metrics so when something goes awry, you'll know why – and what to do about it.

Explore all your data. Discover new patterns. Create rich visuals and share insights. With our easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence tools, you can

  • Visual Data Exploration
  • Easy Analytics.
  • Interactive Reporting & Dashboards
  • Collaboration.
  • Mobile apps.